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Nutri PT are an experienced team of healthcare professionals specialising in personal training and nutrition coaching. We guarantee results by utilising a science based approach to your nutrition and exercise regimens
Our ethos – “problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them” – echoes throughout all that we do and accomplish at Nutri PT

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our mission

To provide a patient centered approach to body re-composition which educates, transforms and inspires.

our story


The responsibility that is awarded a personal trainer in the service of their client is of a significance that is so often underestimated.

It is more than just an aesthetic pursuit. It is a process of transformation that can truly be a catalyst for change in so many aspects of life. Grasping the magnitude of this responsibility has been, for me, pivotal in the creation of this unique and extraordinary coaching service.

In a nut shell, Nutri PT offers a no-nonsense, results focused solution to health and body re-composition. We prioritise science over anecdotal evidence but are not blinded to the effectiveness of industry specific experience that may or may not have mainstream support.

We focus on lifestyle management and nutrition as much as we do exercise. This is done in a healthy, sustainable and non-restrictive way thereby ensuring a long term solution to the health and body-composition of our clients.

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our packages

Our packages have been designed specifically for those who are looking to either lose body fat, gain muscle or optimise health. We have absolute confidence in our ability to coach you to success.

the nutriPT system

Our approach is simple. An easy to follow process to getting the results you want.


what our clients say...

“His enthusiasm, overwhelming passion, clear commitment and dedication to myself and I imagine his other clients is a fantastic credit to the work he does”

Marc Aston

I did a 12 weeks intensive course and I lost 10kg, but most importantly I completely changed my eating habits and my approach to exercise. Gemma’s continous support and dedication was just amazing and I will always recommend her to anyone who is looking for a PT!”

Anna Gibb

“It’s not one year since I met him, and I can say that thanks to him I feel 10 years younger! And the best thing is that my girlfriend thinks the same!!!”

Luca de Mari

“Steve Mabin is exceptional…Despite numerous medical issues I have improved beyond recognition and I (and my wife) would say I could not have achieved this without him”

Frank Binnie 

“Steve has helped me see the good in exercise and I actually now look forward to training, and how great I feel afterwards!”

Kene Rapu

“Steve challenges me to achieve a level of progress that I could never reach on my own and he also uses his nutritional expertise to help understand the role nutrition plays In a healthy lifestyle.”

Tom mcgrath

“The end result was a reduction in my body fat from 18.7% to just 7.9%, more than 4% lower than my initial goal, a drop of 10kg in weight and a solid foundation for being able to maintain those nutrition and exercise protocols through the knowledge Stephen had imparted.”

Jon Rooke

“Steve’s interest and qualifications in nutrition are a huge benefit and asset to any client…It has been a massive benefit having his knowledge and support from a nutritional point of view, as well as a physical one.”

Jonathan Chattaway

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    Imperial College Boat Club,
    Putney Embankment, London
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  • 0207 526 2261

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Imperial College Boat Club,
Putney Embankment, London
SW15 1LB

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