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By far our most popular package. This programme is ideal for those who are looking to drop a large amount of body fat within a short time frame. It is an intensive program that requires a big commitment from the individual within the gym and even more importantly outside the gym.

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Let's sum it up

  • Periodised fitness programme
  • Diet and lifestyle analysis
  • NutriPT 360 Degree Action Plan
  • Monthly body composition measurements
  • Monthly performance review
  • Monthly nutrition consultation
  • Around the clock email & telephone support

package starts from £576 p/m

what our clients say...

“His enthusiasm, overwhelming passion, clear commitment and dedication to myself and I imagine his other clients is a fantastic credit to the work he does”

Marc Aston

I did a 12 weeks intensive course and I lost 10kg, but most importantly I completely changed my eating habits and my approach to exercise. Gemma’s continous support and dedication was just amazing and I will always recommend her to anyone who is looking for a PT!”

Anna Gibb

“It’s not one year since I met him, and I can say that thanks to him I feel 10 years younger! And the best thing is that my girlfriend thinks the same!!!”

Luca de Mari

“Steve Mabin is exceptional…Despite numerous medical issues I have improved beyond recognition and I (and my wife) would say I could not have achieved this without him”

Frank Binnie 

“Steve has helped me see the good in exercise and I actually now look forward to training, and how great I feel afterwards!”

Kene Rapu

“Steve challenges me to achieve a level of progress that I could never reach on my own and he also uses his nutritional expertise to help understand the role nutrition plays In a healthy lifestyle.”

Tom mcgrath

“The end result was a reduction in my body fat from 18.7% to just 7.9%, more than 4% lower than my initial goal, a drop of 10kg in weight and a solid foundation for being able to maintain those nutrition and exercise protocols through the knowledge Stephen had imparted.”

Jon Rooke

“Steve’s interest and qualifications in nutrition are a huge benefit and asset to any client…It has been a massive benefit having his knowledge and support from a nutritional point of view, as well as a physical one.”

Jonathan Chattaway


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